Mechanical Works

The company deals with Mechanical work as well, some of the capabilities are mentioned below.

  •       Erect various types of scaffolding for the mechanical & civil jobs.
  •       Fabrication and installation of Metallic sheds for the mechanical structure.
  •       Fabrication of various types of mechanical supporting items as per client requirement
  •       Fabrication and modification in plant equipment accessories.
  •       Fabrication and installation of different mechanical structures as per client requirement.
  •       Lathe machine works as per client requirements any time.
  •       Fabrication of Steel shuttering supporting to civil / Mechanical structure.
  •       Provision of skilled Class “A” fabricators, Scaffolders, riggers.
  •       Fabrication of various types of platforms.
  •       Provision of skilled staff for Mechanical support.
  • Other misc mechanical jobs as per client requirements